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Tours of The Hornibrook Mansion

$25.00 per person. Reservations required.

Make your plans for a private guided tour of the Hornibrook Mansion by calling for reservations today. $25.00 per person.


Described in the National Register of Historic Places as the best example of ornate Victorian architecture in Arkansas and regionally the most important existing example of Gothic Queen Anne style, The Hornibrook Mansion is a jewel in the heart of Little Rock. One of a kind, architectural features include: a grand divided stairway, three and half (3.5) story corner tower, stained glass skylight, and octagonal shaped rooms; creating a massive yet graceful structure representing late-19th Century architecture in its most flamboyant style.

The Hornibrook Mansion was designed by Max Orlopp and Kasper Kusner and completed in 1888 for $20,000. 

"What a lovely historic home to rest our heads! We enjoyed every little detail from the china at breakfast to the curved windows and warm sunlit rooms. We are so glad we had time to explore and and learn the history of the mansion. We really felt transported to a different time and place. We wish you well and hope to visit again when we return to Little Rock."

Alisha & Jacob

Lafayette, LA

January 20, 2020

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